Terms and Conditions

Use of this website:

While Rebecca Hulse is endeavoring to create a difference in the world and create a different reality, ultimately you are the person responsible for what you create. Any tools that you implement from this website or any classes are your choice.

What does that mean? Using this site you accept full responsibility for what the future brings and give up any recourse against Rebecca Hulse and any contributors, both legal and otherwise, for all time.

Accessing the websiteAll materials on this website are and remain the copyright of Rebecca Hulse or are reproduced with permission from the copyright owners. All rights are reserved. The materials on our website may be retrieved and downloaded solely for personal use. No materials may otherwise be copied, modified, published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior written permission of Rebecca Hulse. If you would like to use material from this website, please send your copyright permission request to: rebecca[@]rebeccahulse.com

Audio and Visual Release:

By attending a Class, in person or by other means, I agree that the Class may be recorded and/or filmed. This may mean any or all of the following:

Rebecca Hulse can do what they like with any recording of any type, regardless of how they record it, or indeed play it in the future.

I understand that I will never receive any payment for this, ever.

I give up any legal right to prevent any of this from occurring, or controlling what it looks like.

Rebecca Hulse will use this for legitimate purposes only, in a manner that is honouring of those involved.

If I decide/choose not to comply, then I must inform the staff BEFORE the event, so we can make sure we do not give you a microphone during the class.  Although we strongly suggest that you are recorded as the contribution to the class you and everyone else has is enormous, you will be amazed how the questions you ask contribute to others, and we have found that keeping secrets of any kind never creates anything more.

Refund Policy

We understand that some people will not be interested in what we have to offer, and respect that. We have made a huge library of resources available to check out if this feels right for you, so before you purchase please check those out, as any requests for refunds are subject to the below:

Any refunds may be subject to an 8% fee. Which is non-refundable.

For a Telecall a refund must be requested within 24hrs of the end of the first call.

For instant download products there will be no refund.

Walk Outs: If you attend a live a class and request a refund, the request must be made before or during lunch break on the first day; and all materials returned. Then you may go. This may result in being denied access to future classes with Rebecca Hulse. Please make use of the free resources available to decide whether this will work for you. If not – please don’t come.

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